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Top Money Saving Shopping Tips

Set a Budget Before you run around picking things out you need to have a baseline of how much you are able to spend.  It is much easier to keep spending in check when you aren’t looking at things you can’t afford.  Out of site, out of mind.  Start with setting a...

Brick and Mortar vs Online Shopping

Need a new shirt or shoes?  How about some groceries?  Anytime you need to go shopping whether it is online or in the store you should always check online for coupons first.  You will be surprised at all the great deals you have been missing out on. Getting coupons...

eBay Auction Sniping

A little-known secret of shopping on eBay is auction sniping.  If you are interested in an item for sale on eBay that is being sold in an auction style sale, there is software that allows you to automatically place your max bid within the last few seconds of an...

Are Wholesale Clubs Worth It?

Costco and Sam’s Club are the most popular wholesale clubs in the USA offering steep discounts primarily on bulk purchases.  These retailers are great for buying household items, food and everything sold is generally below MSRP.  Selection is limited and changes often...

How To Always Get The Best Deal

Check out Best Deal Search When I know what I want and am looking to find the best deal, I always start with the Best Deal Search.  This website uses Google to search every major deal website from around the internet.  If there is a good deal on what you are looking...

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