eBay Auction Sniping

A little-known secret of shopping on eBay is auction sniping.  If you are interested in an item for sale on eBay that is being sold in an auction style sale, there is software that allows you to automatically place your max bid within the last few seconds of an auction.  This prevents a dragged-out auction battle that would normally inflate the price.

What is Auction Sniping?
Auction sniping is in reference to using a software-based tool designed to automatically place your max bid within seconds of the auction ending.  Someone manually watching the auction will not have time to place a manual bid to outbid you.  This guarantees that you get the lowest possible price rather than inflating the cost by creating a bidding war.  You will still lose the auction if someone has a higher max bid placed.  Another great aspect of this is it takes the emotion of a bidding war out and you only win and pay if the item is below the max bid entered into the software.

How does an eBay Auction Sniping software work?
The software uses your eBay account credentials you provide, along with what item to bid for, how much, and places a bid automatically within seconds of the auction ending.  Win or lose, it is the most efficient way of getting the best deal on auction items.

My eBay Auction Sniping Experience
There are many options when it comes to auction sniping software but I currently use Myibidder Auction Sniper Pro for eBay on my Android device.  This app is downloadable in the Google Play Store.  All you do is shop around eBay and “watch” items you are interested in.  Then open the app and import your eBay watch list.  Next place your max bids and how early you want to place that bid.  I have found that 5 seconds is enough time to seal the deal.  I have successfully won dozens of items over the years using this app.  It has worked 100% of the time without failure and saved me hundreds!

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