Top Money Saving Shopping Tips

Set a Budget
Before you run around picking things out you need to have a baseline of how much you are able to spend.  It is much easier to keep spending in check when you aren’t looking at things you can’t afford.  Out of site, out of mind.  Start with setting a reasonable budget and only looking at items within it.  Your pocketbook will be bursting with appreciation.

Shop with a List
Roaming a store, whether it be in person or online, is a great way to find things you really don’t need.  To make the most out of any shopping excursion, remember to stick to a list and stray as little as possible.  Many products are designed to trigger an impulse buy.  BE STRONG!

Pay with Cash
People spend more when they shop with credit cards.  You may get reward points and you may pay your bill off every month but when you aren’t shopping with cold hard cash you likely to spend up to 50% more according to many shopping studies.  If you walk into the store with $100 and no credit cards, you will not spend more than that $100.

Careful Shopping with Friends
When shopping with a friend you are psychologically more likely to purchase something at a store they are making a purchase at.  If you shop alone you will make less unnecessary purchases.

Don’t be Sold
Retail associates and customers service almost never have your best interests in mind.  Read specifications, reviews and product information labels to find the information you need to make an informed decision especially when shopping at a retailer that pay sales bonuses of any kind.

Sleep on It
Don’t checkout!  Sleep on it.  This trick has saved me thousands over the years.  Anytime I am making an unplanned purchase I force myself to sleep on it to make sure I still think it’s a good idea in the morning.  Many times, I realize that I was actually about to make an impulse purchase and I really don’t need the product I was about to purchase.

Buy Coupons and Gift cards
If the item you are shopping for is not on sale or doesn’t have a near deadline for purchase, buying coupons and gift cards online can commonly save you 10% or more!

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