How To Always Get The Best Deal

Check out Best Deal Search
When I know what I want and am looking to find the best deal, I always start with the Best Deal Search.  This website uses Google to search every major deal website from around the internet.  If there is a good deal on what you are looking for, you can be confident their search engine will find it.

Compare Amazon and Walmart
Amazon and Walmart are the largest US retailers with combined 2017 revenues of nearly 700 billion dollars.  They are known for having the lowest prices on almost any item.  When determining a fair price for something, always check with these juggernauts first.

Check Price History at Camel Camel Camel
This website offers an amazing tool that shows you a historical chart of Amazon pricing as well as notify you when an item goes on sale for your targeted price.  It’s excellent if you can wait for something you are interested to go on sale.  I often set item price alerts for their historical low.  It can take a month or more but if you can wait, you can save!

eBay Auction Marketplace
eBay is the largest auction market place on the internet.  It has an extraordinary amount of new and used items available for auction or buy it now pricing.  I have found that pricing isn’t consistently great but you can sometimes find great bargains.  It’s always worth giving it a search if you are okay with dealing with a small time seller and not interested in having a warrantied product.  If you decide to shop at eBay be sure to check out our eBay Auction Sniper article.

Craigslist, Letgo, and Facebook Marketplace
These internet outlets are great for those that like to barter and are okay with buying used items.  Don’t be afraid to send low offers.  The worst they can say is no.  Remember to account in the time you are investing in to go, inspect and physically purchase it.  Make sure upon making a purchase that you meet in a safe public area, like a police station parking lot.

Just need a coupon code?
If a coupon code is all you need check out our Coupon Code Search.  Our search engine uses Google to only display results from leading deal and coupon code websites while filtering out irrelevant material.


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